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Enclosed are a few samples from various projects and campaigns I implemented during my most recent positions as Head of Marketing. I led the strategy, planning, and successful execution of multiple programs involving full website redesign, collateral and content creation, as well as campaign execution. 

Brand Awareness Blog Post + Infographic

Educational blog post to position TapResearch as a thought leader in the market research industry, while creating awareness for their brand tracking solution as a more robust and cost-effective alternative to traditional brand trackers that our prospects use. This resulted in an increase in direct traffic to the TapResearch website and inquiries about their solution.

Copy of Tap vs traditional trackers (2).png

Corporate Website Redesign

Oversaw the redesign of the company website in 2 phases, with the help of a creative agency. Came up with overall concept, visuals, and new content and copy. The goal was to improve the overall messaging while providing a prominent navigation path for visitors based on their current needs and web search. This resulted in an increase of web traffic from organic search by 60% and an improvement of lead quality conversions from the website.


Promotional Campaign


Promotional offer created as part of a campaign to drive demand and convert leads around remote workforce enablement during COVID19. 1-pager offer created and shared by sales and marketing teams via social media, online advertising (Paid search), and nurture & drip e-mail campaigns. Click on the image to view the associated landing page as part of the SEO/PPC initiative for this campaign. Download a copy of PDF offer here.

Liunkedin Post.png

eBook on Digital Transformation


This eBook was created for organizations that are still in the early stages of cloud adoption and digital transformation journey. The goal was to provide an expert analysis of what the cloud adoption journey looks like and how it impacts digital transformation. Download a copy here.


Themed Explainer Video


This was a company overview video that was created (with the help of a creative agency) as part of a promotional campaign to create awareness of the Atmosera brand and capabilities at a Microsoft conference. "Taking Off to the Azure Cloud with Atmosera" was the overall theme utilized at the conference. The goal was to convey Atmosera and Azure's capabilities in a light and fun video that would capture the audience's attention.


ABN Amro Bank Case Study

Mobile Labs

This was a branded case study created for one of Mobile Labs' largest global banks customer, ABN Amro. I executed the entire case study creation process from the client interview, to copy creation and layout & design. The final published case study can be viewed here.


Thought Leadership Blog

Mobile Labs

As part of the branding and positioning strategy, I implemented monthly thought leadership blog posts by collaborating with our product and technical teams as expert subject matters. In addition, these ongoing publications helped with boosting our organic search and website ranking on search engines. This is one example of these monthly posts.

Blog Post.png
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